Cronebosis situated in the heart of a wooded area between Hilversum and Lage Vuursche  on one side and the vastness of the Bussumer – and Wester heathland on the other side, no lack of beautiful scenery !

The B&B derives its name from the near 100 acres forest where you can walk and cycle at your hearts’content !

Cronebos offers you the free use of a bicycle, one for ladies , the other for gentlemen. Use of the bicycles is only valid during your stay in the B & B from 3 pm until checkout at 11 am.

Cronebos is near exit roads; to visit Amsterdam or Utrecht is not far. These cities are comfortably in reach with public transport from station Hilversum Sportpark which is at walking distance from Cronebos B&B.

Villages like Laren or Naarden Vesting are more than worth visiting to relax at a terrace or do some shopping.

If you want to relax in the sauna during your stay, Thermen Soesterberg is recommended.




There is plenty of choice of good restaurants where there is excellent dining. If you want to dine out nearby, not very expensive but delicious and sociable Chef aan de Werf  is a good choice. Industrially furnished, friendly service and the possibility to sit at the terrace when the weather is agreeable. Reservation is a must !

Restaurant Vuur, beautifully situated on the edge of the forest, where you can go for lunch, a drink or dinner.

Driving a bit farther to restaurant Tante Koosje in the picturesque village of Loenen aan de Vecht is also worthwhile.